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About Us

At Kingstv, we work everyday in an unflinching pursuit of giving out excitement, Solving society's most challenging problems, informing those who seek information, Educating and serving as a brand of truth which can be relied upon by everyone in terms of accurate and unbiased reportage regarding issues of societal concern and national interest. Kingstv is a trusted, Newsworthy brand. The society is choked with individuals and organizations with selfish goals, which is eventually leading to many problems , with hope seemingly lost, but kingstv is right here to always be the headline brand that tells your story in a way you understand. Kingstv is The New super hero in Town. At Kingstv, we talk about Entertainers and their Entertainment, sports, politics, Social News and we talk to people on the street to make sure we deliver information that will bring joy to the voiceless. Kingstv will take you through social media experiences, online TV experience, give you daily News, credible News, and all News worth your knowledge.

The New revolution for ascertaining news is through online browsing. People use data to get news and make more informed decisions. Our mission at kingstv is to make your online experience an enjoyable one with great memories, a reliable store for news where a few bundle of Data will give you great Education, Information and Entertainment with an unending satisfaction.